det årne sæ
Marlene, 1994, from Oslo and Trondheim with love #bartebyen. I like too much stuff to be anywhere close to consistent. Not to mention ice cream, I like ice cream.

While we we’re in #Tokyo we, of course, took some #purikura 🎌♥️



Who the fuck walks like this?!

tough cool people unlike you

Try Again
Dok2 (도끼) & Rado (라도)


Artist: Dok2 (도끼) & Rado (라도)
Song: Try Again
Album: It’s We EP

South Korean rapstar, Dok2, and R&B singer, Rado, collaborate and release the EP entitled It’s We. There’s nothing much to be said about this song other than the fact that it’s awesome and that Dok2 and Rado make a great team!

Buy it on iTunes!


#しゃぶしゃぶ 🍴😁

I enjoyed One last proper “Norwegian” dinner before I depart for #Japan! 😊 The butterflies are doing somersaults and I’m counting down the hours! 🎌



Endless List of Places I Want To Visit [4/?] - Trondheim, Norway


Trondheim, Norway


Hand Lettering 

Cibu George


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