det årne sæ
Marlene, 1994, from Oslo and Trondheim with love #bartebyen. I like too much stuff to be anywhere close to consistent. Not to mention ice cream, I like ice cream.

"That’s how I know you care" she says
"I feel it in your stare."

Prolonged eye contact:
Our pupils transform into blu-ray scanners
Like each iris contains an encrypted code,
Your cornea refracts my insight;
Like retina, I can only project.
Lenses on zoom - looking at a distant heart
While microscopes examine tiny parts
Unable to get a clean read.
Dispersion of emotions;
Fears inhibit love - obscuring our view,
The assailant of cones, breeder of rods.
Not everything is black and white,
The world is not dim.

By Leonard F. Fortuna III

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